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Definition of ooh – used to express amazement, joy, or surprise

Selected acronyms of ooh – Out of Hours and Out of Hospital

Everyone wants to change the world. But for most that want to change it for the better, it seems too daunting a task.

OOH Medical is a platform supported by companies and stakeholders around the world. We have come together with the intention of inviting every individual, group, company and organisation to join, help and grow a united team and movement to make genuine, ongoing and sustainable positive changes.

Professional Personal Equipment

Wherever you are positioned in the supply chain, cut out the middle men artificially driving up cost, causing delay and reducing quality with OOH-PPE

Defend and Counter Attack

The NHS and Locums can Uncover and Recover deliberate and systematic £1 billion+ fraud over the last decade by recruitment agencies, with OOH Counter Fraud

Natural & Chemical Free Supplements

Ferrari and Mercedes don’t put diesel in a Formula 1 car. Your body is more complicated than any car – service and maintain it with Nobel Prize nominated science from our OOH-Pharm

Make a difference

Help recommend, promote and support good causes with OOH Cares

Time is up for ‘Del Boy’ Recruitment

Replace the agencies making over £100,000 a year profit from one Locum Doctor. Reduce agency margin by 90% for 2021 with OOH Recruit

Supply, Purchase or Represent

Join or Partner with us from anywhere in the world, to be part of a new and unique supply chain.